The garden

The Mills, included in a little village, are surrounded for a semi-wild garden and natural woodlands. The garden is divided by the Fervenza brook and has two little bridges for crossing it. There are also tree hammocks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Garden is shared for the two Mills., but each one has its own terrace, barbecue and garden furniture.

We have also a small collection of Old and English Roses.

Mera de Arriba

The mills are located in the parrish of Mera de Riba, in the small village of A Ponte Noval.

In other times a lively rural area, now there are only a few neighbourgs in it.

The river Mera valley

The Mills are situated in a green and peaceful place in the river Mera Valley. Near the mill, you can find a magical and natural place for swimming in the River Mera: the Pozo de la Caldeira. River Mera Valley belongs to the EU Natura 2000 Network and is home for a variety of protected wildlife.

The river Mera is a clear river which valley and banks have been declared site of community interest, so that they are protected. From the mills, you can take the path of the river to take a lovely walk or go to the Pozo de la Caldeira for a swim. On hot days it is a delight! And leaves skin and hair amazing. For fishing enthusiasts, it has trouts (license is required).



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