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Garita de Herbeira, Capelada

Self-catering cottages in northern Spain

In the heart of the "Rías Altas" region of Galicia, we offer you two delightful former River Mills ecologically restored: Maquía Mill and Batán Mill. From 2 people to 10 people you will find everything you need to enjoy a relaxing or activity vacation. The cottages are situated in an exceptional and idyllic location in the protected valley of River Mera (European Network Natura 2000), a few minutes from pretty Atlantic beaches and the tremendous cliffs that round the northern coast.

Holiday rentals in Spain
Figueroa beach, Cariño

Your perfect holiday rental in Galicia country

at just two miles from the coast!

The rugged Atlantic coastline offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in Spain, like Cape Ortegal, the cliffs of Herbeira and Loiba or Estaca de Bares. The antique sanctuary of San Andrés de Teixido is a must to see. Near you will find charming villages like Ortigueira, with the famous Festival of Celtic music, O Barqueiro and Cedeira, with an outstanding gastromy.

O Barqueiro

Self check-in for a footloose arrival

The mills have fully equipped kitchen, fireplaces, barbecue and garden furniture and are surrounded by a semi-wild garden divided by the Fervenza brook and natural woodlands. They offer the ideal base to explore the fascinating landscapes of the Ortegal area and discover the lush green countryside.

If you love activity vacations, you can surfing, horse riding, walking, fishing, cycling, canoe...

At Muíños de Pontenoval you will find a comfortable and independent holiday rental in Spain, a great way to enjoy your holiday in Galicia.

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